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Carlsbad Locksmith is a very beautiful city with a lot of things to do.  Whether you are at the beach or inland, we can serve you and your locksmith needs. Carlsbad Locksmith is located in Carlsbad, which is key when you need a fast response. Also, it is nice to support your local business when you need a locksmith.

Throughout the city, we can help you with auto, commercial, and residential locksmith.  Lost keys and damage to locks can be a common occurrence. Sometimes it is better to remove and replace the lock instead of repairing it.  Routine oil and lubrication could prevent this damage. When a locksmith replaces the lock, the locksmith can rekey it to match your current keys.

A locksmith is needed in Carlsbad for homes and businesses. For a running business, making sure the companies locks are working properly is important. Having locks that don’t work properly can potentially scare new customers if the lock breaks.  Furthermore, exit devices for the business have to be working properly to meet handicapped and fire code law requirements.

Although residential customers may not have the same concerns as business owners do about their locks, important lock issues arise as well. You may be concerned about rekeying their locks if the key is lost or if someone else has the key and the security of the home has become compromised.  Or a broken deadbolt can compromise home security further. Even being locked out of your home, we can help you out. So whatever case, Carlsbad Locksmith can be there quick and relatively cheap as well.


Locksmith Services For Your House

With the owner local to Carlsbad, your locksmith services are in good hands. Not only with fast and effective service, the locksmith prices are very good. Just look at Carlsbad Locksmith reviews and you will know we are the best locksmith. Rekeying locks, lock repairs, keypad locks, deadbolts, sliding glass door locks.

We also handle sliding glass door locks, safes, and cabinet locks. Extra security for your slider lock and windows because break-ins can happen through these weak spots. Cabinet locks can be good to keep our important items safe too. Keeping vital records, prescriptions, and important tools safe as well. We can also mount a safe to your wall to keep valuable stuff safe. We can install a high security safe if you feel it is necessary. We can mount the safe and give you a electronic keypad or a dial type safe for you. Either way, we will make you feel more safe and secure, whether it is your home or business. Carlsbad Locksmith is open 24/7 with top service speed and price.


Happy Clients

My truck keys almost snaped in half I called the dealer they wanted $320 just for key with no fob. I called key world and they quoted $65 for a new stock looking and feeling key. He even went the extra mile to lube my door locks it doesn’t happen again. I would definitely go back if I need anything else.

Working with key4u San Diego  was a dream. He was prompt, skilled, honest, and such a great value. We lost our car keys which has been a frustrating nightmare, yet he was able to re-key our car quickly for a fraction of what the dealer would have charged. For sure would recommend.

Excellent service, punctual, friendly, professional, very fast, accommodating, great prices, I definitely recommend them to family and friends!!!!!! Thank you!