Locksmith Scams And How To Avoid Them

So, you stepped out of the apartment at 7AM to grab the paper and the door slammed shut behind you. Immediately you realize you don’t have your keys – you’re just thankful you decided to put on pants before making your quick excursion to the hallway! But then it hits you, what now? If you’re anything like me, I’m dreading the idea of dealing with a locksmith more than I’m dreading my neighbor walking out on his way to work and finding me in my PJs.

Locksmiths normally fall into the same category as Used Car Salesmen, Moving Companies, and (for me personally) Dentists – all people you would rather never need to talk to, a necessary evil. Sorry if you are one, I don’t mean to offend! Anyway, you’ve probably heard locksmith horror stories: a locksmith shows up, gives you a quote, does the job, and then jacks up the price at the end!

However, fear not. You may think there’s no such thing as an honest locksmith, but I promise there are. I actually work with them every day, plus I know how psychologically and emotionally frustrating it is to find a good locksmith. With that, I want to share my tips, tricks and indicators for “picking” (ha, that’s a pun) out the scammers.

I want to preface this list with a piece of advice: take everything I say with a grain of salt. Nothing in life is a certainty. There will be exceptions to these rules. But, you’re locked out, so you might as well keep reading! You’ve got nothing but time on your hands!

Signs you may want to call a different locksmith:

  1. The “company name” you find online is just a broad geographic area
    Many “locksmith companies” are not locksmith companies at all. They are call centers that get a request for a locksmith and immediately sub-contract the job out to a local locksmith. These conglomerate locksmith companies are looking to cover as much geographic area as they can because they can subcontract out 100% of their work. If you see company names such as “Reliable San Diego Locksmiths” or “Best San Diego Locksmiths”, consider it a red flag.
  2. When they pick up the phone, they try to avoid mentioning a real company name.
    When you call any normal business, the person on the line usually leads off with their name and company. When I don’t hear a company name but instead, “Hello, locksmith”, when they pick up the phone, it’s a red flag for me that I may be dealing with a locksmith conglomerate. Because these call centers are subcontracting out to dozens or hundreds of locksmiths, they never want to say a company name. Things could get messy if you call a locksmith conglomerate back, expecting to get routed to the first company you spoke with, but end up getting a completely different one.
  3. Getting transferred multiple times in one phone call.
    These locksmith call centers need to route your call to a locksmith based on your zip code, so you end up getting transferred around until you reach the person that is in charge of outsourcing in your area. Maybe some legitimate locksmiths need to transfer you once, but if they transfer your call much more than one or two times, that’s another red flag.

Why you want to avoid these:

There are a few reasons you want to avoid these situations. The first is that these key4usandiego make money by taking a cut from the locksmiths that are really doing the work. Most locksmith companies are small operations with a few people, a truck, and maybe a storefront. They don’t have the same resources as a conglomerate to make them easy to find on the internet. And, in a lockout emergency, people normally pick the first result that pops up on Google.

Also, locksmith key4usandiego may set prices for common locksmith activities like: keys broken in locks, drilling a lock, new lock installation, etc. so they know how much they will make per job. The locksmith that comes to your door knows these prices, and has a set amount they are responsible for paying to the conglomerate. If they think they can get you to pay more than the normal rate, they will upcharge you and pocket the difference. It could be because they are dishonest, but not all the time. Remember, the conglomerate will take a huge portion and commission of what you end up paying the locksmith.

Home Security Concerns as Homes Get Smarter and Smarter

You would think that in a world full of smart door locks, apps, and security solutions, your home or office will be entirely burglar-proof. The truth is that today we have plenty of options among keyless entry systems, biometrics, keypads, and conventional locks.

On the other hand, all those inclined to follow technology and ready to appreciate any new app and the merits of relying on convenient and friendly to the homeowner systems, they fall into the trap of believing in flawless designs and systems. That’s not true either.

The truth lies somewhere in the middle. We don’t need to turn our back to technology but neither getting too enthusiastic about it before it becomes mainstream. We don’t need to settle with old security techniques and conventional deadbolt installation either. It’s good to be open to new technology, but also take baby steps and always remember that our home security is neither a game nor an arena for experiments.

Watch what you post on social media

One simple mistake is advertising where you live, when you go away, and when you plan to get back from your vacation on social media. Such means are not related to your home security directly. But indirectly, they can bring things upside-down. When you post messages on social media, you need to remember that you don’t confide to your best friend. These are messages that can be seen by many people, even if they are private. So, think twice before telling – in great details, often – when you are flying for your summer vacation.

Are smart door locks a good choice for you?

When you decide to get smart door locks, you need to consider this. A standard deadbolt is not exactly “dumb”. And then, not all smart locks are the same or for all homes and people. They are definitely tempting. The convenience of using the smartphone to lock or unlock the house door is often enough to make people go buy a smart lock.

Let’s pause here. Nobody can deny the convenience of smart locks. You can tap on your phone to unlock, save temporary codes, check the history of movements and also the status of the lock, and guess what: you’ll never need a locksmith for lockout service. And there’s more. In an event of an emergency, you can remotely unlock the door for your child or parents.

The drawbacks are not plenty but they have to do with the lock installation or the system and brand you choose. Or the fear of losing the smartphone or being hacked. Don’t forget that smart door locks can still be picked. And today there’s also the fear of cyber-attacks.

Smart homes may also be vulnerable

smart door locksThe Internet of Things has become a tempting solution for a good number of households that opted for a smart home. Suddenly, they discovered the convenience of pressing a button or two to have the garage door closed, the lights turned on, the oven working, and the doors locked. All is swell apart from one thing.

Many families were not prepared for such high-tech systems and smart apps. And then, such systems may not be entirely trustworthy – and that’s a main consideration when it comes to your high security door locks. Will the front door be locked automatically at nine? Or will the system unlock the door due to a conflict? And will you notice it? And don’t forget about the endless messages sent from one device to the next, the potential mistakes or human errors, or even the possible hacking. You wouldn’t want others to know the code of your smart high security lock. Would you?

Who said you need to hurry to try out everything new at once without giving such systems a chance to become a tried-and-tested security measure? Burglaries are not a new invention. The crime stats are high nowadays – no doubt. And all such high-tech systems come out for our own benefit. But how about if we would trust door locks generations and generations trusted and take small steps toward the new technology instead of jumping all in?

Never Lose Your Keys Again: 3 Tips for Distracted People

Can you spare a couple of billion dollars?

Every year, American homeowners are collectively spending $2.7 billion dollars replacing lost items. Lost items like cellphones, television remotes, glasses, shoes, wallets, and of course, keys.

Does this sound like you? Are you constantly misplacing things, and then having to scramble to find them?

You hope you’ll never lose your keys again, yet somehow you always seem to find yourself searching for them. Everyday moments, like leaving for work, suddenly become stressful searches. Dumping out draws, checking pants pockets, searching on the floor, it begins to feel like your keys somehow vanished.

Luckily, there is a way for you to break free from the endless cycle of losing your keys. You don’t have to waste time or money because of lost items. Read on to learn these 3 tips for always knowing exactly where your keys are.

Reasons to Never Lose Your Keys Again

Before you start looking into ways to keep track of your keys, you should first consider why it matters. Here are a few benefits of knowing exactly where your keys are:

  • Less stress before you go out the door
  • Eliminate fights about where the keys are
  • Avoid being late because of misplaced keys

Not having your keys is a stressful situation that can play a sour note throughout your entire day. Over time the stress can build up, or become chronic. Constant chronic stress can have a variety of negative medical side effects like headaches, sleeplessness, indigestion, and more!

You need to take the time to eliminate stress from your life wherever it’s possible. Not having to search for lost items is a great place to begin. Let’s start by looking at how Bluetooth technology can help give you the peace of mind you need.

1. Bluetooth Key Locator

A Bluetooth key locator is one of the most convenient solutions for keeping track of your keys. Yet, it doesn’t stop there. You can also use your Bluetooth key locator to find other items, such as your cellphone.

So, how exactly does this high tech gadget get the job done?

How Bluetooth Trackers Work

The Bluetooth tracker will be a small gadget, that attaches to various items, like your keys. The attachment will have Bluetooth capabilities, allowing it to wirelessly connect to your cell phone. The Bluetooth gadget can then send transmit data directly to your phone, using the wireless connection.

Bluetooth Security Questions

Every Bluetooth tracker will have a special signature that is only known by the owner. The signature will only become available to you after you’ve successfully connected the Bluetooth gadget to your user account.

Of course, not every solution has to center around technology. Let’s move on by looking at how a consistent routine can help you.

2. Have a Consistent Routine

Having a routine in the morning can help train your brain to always know where your keys are. You could start by having a designated key holding place, like a hook, or draw.

Next, decide on a specific time for when you’ll retrieve your keys from their spot. Having a designated time you grab your keys, means you’ll no longer move them to absentmindedly.

Of course, having a routine for when you retrieve your keys is only a part of the solution. You’ll also want to plan out the other activities that will fit into your routine. Activities like eating breakfast, taking a shower, and more, can all become part of your routine.

Additional Routine Benefits

Having a routine means you’ll never lose your keys again, and you’ll have a healthier lifestyle. According to the Northwestern Medicine Group, having a routine promotes having a healthier lifestyle. Individuals with routines have lower stress levels, sleep better, and experience better health overall.

3. Scan the Room

So far we’ve been discussing ways to keep track of your keys in your house. Yet, what about all the times your keys end up misplaced, while you’re away from your home?

Losing your keys in public is a very frightening feeling. There’s nothing quite like reaching for your keys to unlock your car door, only to discover you don’t know where they are!

Pre-Exit Scan

To avoid losing your keys in new places, you’ll need to start scanning the area you’re in before you exit. This includes bathrooms, offices, and even your car. Whenever you’re in one location, and about to exit, do a quick scan. Look around, do you see anything you left behind? Ask yourself, “Do I have everything I came in here with?”.

Train Your Brain

Make it a practice to do a visual scan of your space every single time you’re moving to a new space. This may feel a bit silly or overkill at first. Yet, over time your brain will train itself to scan on autopilot.

Soon, you’ll start to realize just how many things you avoid leaving behind. Plus you’ll also save time because you no longer have to backtrack for forgotten items.

Have a Plan

In a perfect world, you’d never lose your keys again. Yet, the reality is, life’s not perfect. No matter how hard you try, chances are one day, your keys will probably go missing again.

Here at Key4usandiego Locksmith, we know how difficult it is dealing with a lockout. That’s why we’re passionate about providing professional and affordable services for all of our customers.

We also keep up to date with all of the latest technology and training to guarantee an incredible customer experience. Plus, we promise to never surprise you with hidden fees or overpriced services.

Let us provide you with the peace of mind that you have a backup plan. Check out our amazing pricing options for residential, automotive and commercial locations today!

What to do If You Have Been Robbed

It can be one of the worst sights to come home to. A broken front door, a shattered window, or a compromised lock. As soon as you walk in, you see disarray, or immediately spot items missing. A home break in can be a terrible experience for anyone, and chances are you won’t be up for making a lot of decisions or thinking as clearly as you’d hope. There are some crucial steps to take, as soon as possible, to make sure you can bounce back as best as possible.

Call the Police – The very first thing to do is to call the authorities. No matter what you initially see when you come home, you need to call the police. Do not enter the home or search the area until they have had a chance to check and give you the all clear. You’ll also want to wait before touching anything. Depending on the exact circumstances, they may or may not need to take evidence, but they will likely need to at least document the space. Don’t automatically expect them to take fingerprints or other evidence, as this may not be standard for your case. Make sure you take note of instructions they will provide on how to get a copy of their report since this will likely be required for things like your insurance claim.

Do an inventory – Once the police have given you the all clear to enter your home, you’ll want to go around and take an inventory of what is missing. You’ll also want to document and photograph any damage that’s been done. You will of course want to pay close attention any high ticket items, such as a TV, other entertainment equipment, or jewelry. You’ll want to accurately tally the value of any items you identify as missing. Once this inventory is completed, you’ll contact your insurance. They’ll need the inventory you’ve taken as well as the police report information you’ve been provided.

Tell the neighbors – After the fact, you’ll want to make sure you notify your neighbors as well. Let them know what you learned after taking a look around your home so that they can work to make their homes safe. Raising awareness of a real risk in the neighborhood helps to not only ensure your neighbors have a chance to be safe, but also increases the chance that those responsible are caught. If your neighborhood has a homeowners association or neighborhood watch, you’ll want to make sure that organization is made aware.

Talk about it with someone – Having someone break into your home can be an incredibly stressful experience. It’s normal to feel violated and it may take some time for you to feel comfortable in your own home again. Feelings like fear or anger, as well as losing patience over seemingly small things are totally normal responses. It can be a great idea to find someone to talk to. This may mean a trusted friend, a faith leader, or a professional.

Reassess the security of your home – Finally, you’ll want to take some time to re-evaluate the security of your home. Identify what opportunity was taken advantage of by the burglar when they invaded your privacy and seek a way to close that. Call Key4usandiego office to have a professional advise you on what tools are available to provide you with the necessary protection. It’s always worth remembering that there is no certainty when it comes to home security, but taking the time to look at ways you can do what is possible will not only help your home be safer, it will help give you back some of your lost peace of mind.


Oftentimes, when people lose their keys or shift to a new property, the only possible answer to resolving the security issue comes in the form of new locks.

Not to say that there is something wrong with replacing locks, but it is always better to weigh out all the options and choose the one best suited to your needs.

How many of you have heard about locks being rekeyed and know what that entails? Probably not many. Most people don’t even know they can have their locks rekeyed and that, at times, it’s a more viable solution than having the locks replaced.

If you’re wondering which one would be best for you, read on to find out what replacing and rekeying your locks mean, how to determine which one you need, and the pros and cons for each.


Replacing a lock simply means changing the existing lock to a new one by getting a new lockset for the door it is installed on.

The new lock can be the same as the old one or a different one entirely, belonging to a different brand and offering a higher level of security.

Several factors must be taken into consideration when trying to determine the type of lock you want to replace your old locks with, such as the budget you are working with, the features that they offer, and the reason to have them changed in the first place.


Rekeying a lock means changing the existing keys on the lock to new ones without changing the lock – except for a few minor adjustments to accommodate the new keys.

Simply put, you can continue using your existing locks but your current keys would not be able to work on them.

Locks and keys work in pairs with each one corresponding to the other. Locks contain certain components known as tumblers or key pins that correspond to a specific key.

Any changes made to these components break the pairing, rendering the existing keys useless. Rekeying involves replacing the key pins inside the locks to set a new key that will work on them.

It might sound complicated, but it is a relatively easy procedure for a trained professional locksmith. It would be best to provide them with the current matching key to make the process even easier and quicker.

If a matching key isn’t available, it still won’t be an issue for a professional locksmith trained to do the job, however, it would incur some additional charges.


When trying to decide between replacing and rekeying your locks, it is best to understand the different situations where each would be best suited.

You should have your locks replaced if:

The existing ones are damaged, broken, worn out, or malfunctioning. If the components of the locks aren’t working as they should, there’s no point getting them rekeyed. It is best to have them replaced to new ones that work properly.You want your locks to look a certain way to complement the aesthetics of your property. For instance, if you’ve moved into a new home that has old, not very aesthetically pleasing locks, replacing them would be a good option.You wish to upgrade to higher security or digital locks. Basic locks work just fine, but with the rise in the risk of intrusions and burglaries, it is recommended to upgrade to a better security system.You want to have a master key system for your residential or commercial property. For the system to work, all the locks on your property must be of the same brand or have the same type of keyway. After all the different types of locks have been replaced, you can re-key them all to work using the same key. More on that in a bit.

You should have your locks rekeyed if:

You lose control of your existing keys and want to change them so that they don’t work on your locks anymore. This can happen for several reasons that include the keys being lost or stolen, or you want to restrict access for someone who owns a pair.You have different keys for different locks, of the same brand or keyhole, and you want them all to be operated using a single key, aka, master keying.

The advantages of replacing locks include:


Installing new locks gives you the chance to work with a blank canvas by customising your security according to your requirements. You can change the way they look and feel, in addition to the level of security they provide. You can play with the materials, colours, and sizes, and pick out the best ones that contribute to both aesthetics and security.


Replacing your locks gives you the option and ability to upgrade to locks providing you with better security. You can improve on your existing security measures and can switch to smart or digital locks for your home and business.


The disadvantage of replacing locks is:


The cost for having your locks replaced is much more as compared to other options because it includes not just the labour costs but the costs for the new locksets as well and quite obviously, the more sophisticated and technologically advanced a lock is, the costlier it’ll tend to be.


The advantages of rekeying locks include:


Rekeying more or less works in the same way as you changing your Gmail password and automatically logging out of every device, nullifying all the saved password on various devices you’ve ever logged in. It comes in handy when you want to restrict access and are not sure who has your keys, giving you an increased sense of security.


As mentioned above, rekeying involves replacing the key pins inside locks instead of the entire lockset. Key pins are inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of new locks, making rekeying an extremely cost-effective option for people looking to change some aspect of their security without having to break the bank.


Compared to replacing locks, which might require time to choose the right design and level of security, along with extra manpower for the proper installation, rekeying is a very quick process when done by a professional locksmith. It requires no additional labour or tools and can be achieved fairly easily.


The disadvantage of rekeying locks is:


Rekeying helps in providing a sense of security but there are no upgrades involved. Since the process works using the same locks, there are no changes in the security features. Therefore, if you have low-quality locks installed on your property, having them rekeyed will restrict unauthorised access but not change their quality or level of security.


There is no one winner here. Rather, it all depends on your requirements and reason for getting either. There are a few situations where replacing the locks would be the logical step to take whereas others might be more suited to getting them rekeyed.

The only way to determine which is the better choice for you in a particular situation is to think about what you want and how it will benefit you and your property.

Try asking yourself the following questions to help you make the right decision:


If there is nothing wrong with your current locks and you are happy with them, there is no need to replace them. If you wish to add a layer of security, maybe because you wish to restrict access, it is best to get them rekeyed since replacing them would be a clear waste of money.

However, if you are not content with the level of security your current locks are providing, you must have them replaced, and possibly upgraded, ASAP.


Losing your keys compromises the security of the entire property because whoever has access to the keys has access to your home or business. You need to ensure that the lost keys cannot be used to gain entry and to do that the keys must be changed.


If your home or business has been recently broken into, you must immediately spring into action and take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening again. If the intruders broke in by damaging the locks, there is no other way than to have them replaced. This might also be a good time to upgrade the security since it is a clear sign of the existing system not being very effective.


Rekeying is a lot more budget-friendly than replacing locks, and sometimes this might be the main determinant of which process you go through with. One thing to note here is that rekeying involves using the current matching key to adjust the locks and make new keys.

In the event of there being no matching key, the process becomes a bit more time-consuming and costly. It is best to compare the prices of having the locks rekeyed (without a matching key) with having them replaced and make a decision according to your budget.

Get prepared for the New Year!

With 2021 upon us, now is a great time to think back on the things that we want to sort out before the New Year starts. From clearing out that spare room to sorting out miscellaneous bits around the house. It’s a great feeling stepping into a new decade without anything to worry about. Minimizing stress especially around the house is a good idea for any homeowner. Worrying about small things like your front door locks shouldn’t be on your mind.

It can be easy to forget to do the important things when it comes to admin work around the house. This is especially true for most of us during the festive season! It’s important to not let the festivities distract you as life still carries on. It’s a good idea to not leave things to last-minute since you don’t need to stress yourself out.

This is why we always recommend sorting small administrative tasks before. Now is the perfect time to sort out those small problems that you never got around to. Prioritising your tasks is important since it’s a good idea to deal with the biggest issues first.

 Most homeowners living in older homes will have locks that are poorly maintained. Most people don’t even know that locks can be/should be maintained. Locks provide constant protection but they do wear over time. This is where a locksmith’s opinion can come in handy as they’ll tell you if it needs replacing or not. Keeping the locks in your home well maintained is important if you need to keep your home secure. If you have a broken lock on your doors or windows, you’re putting yourself and your loved ones at risk. Broken or worn locks act as an opportunity for anyone that is looking to trespass/steal from your home. Secure locks are necessary when it comes to your home’s security.

Around your house:

It isn’t only your door and window locks you should think about! Since most homes in the US have side gates, you should think about the exterior locks too! From side gates, sheds to garage doors, you should make sure that those locks are working as they should.

 Unless they’re secured, side gates are a primary target for people trying to burgle a home. Primitive bolts/catches won’t stop someone who’s determined to get in. At San Diego Locksmiths, we’ve got a range of options for concerned homeowners

Working with a professional locksmith:

Trying to find a professional locksmith is important when you’re dealing with security. DBS checks are a necessity when you’re working with the security of your home. Reliable locksmiths can be hard to come by if you don’t know where to look. Local companies are a great place to look since most would’ve been serving in your area for years.

San Diego Locksmiths works to provide a reliable and affordable service. We’ve been working around Buckinghamshire and all surrounding areas for years. From emergency call-outs to planned repair work, we can do it all! Our accredited locksmiths work to solve any issue. We also have a great team of locksmiths that are on the road and will be local to you!

We don’t hide behind hidden costs and confusing terminology. We pride ourselves with our transparent service and our commitment to our customers. From the first call to lock repair/installation, we’re committed to delivering quality.

 Who is Locksmith San Diego?

 We’re a family run business with a team of locksmiths in the San Diego area. We’re proud to be leading locksmith service providers in the area. We are a true local family business, with unending commitment & care about our clients. Give us a call and contact us on 858-262-9174. Locksmith San Diego – experienced, accredited, trustworthy and inexpensive locksmiths. Get in touch today or browse through our website for more information

Automotive locksmith services

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Commercial locksmith services

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Residential Locksmith Services

We are dedicated to providing our customers with honest, polite and friendly advice that allow them enjoy the comfort of being safe and secure. Our highly experienced vendors will sort out all your problems. We are here to assist you for any security problem you have been facing. It’s our reputation and quality that keeps our loyal customers returning to us time and again. When you spot our services, you always know that you are in safe hands.

Tips for finding cheap locksmith

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