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Nissan - Car Key Replacement and Ignitions San Diego​

The team at Key4u provides a variety car locksmith services, including replacing your the car key for your Nissan. Regardless of the year or model, our highly qualified locksmiths can handle any key or ignition related requests. All of our specialists are licensed, bonded, and insured. Also, we provide ongoing training to keep up with the latest technologies for locksmiths.

We Make All Car Key Types

Depending on the year and make of the vehicle, your Nissan car key can range from a simple key to high tech transponder. Cars that are 20 years old will have a traditional car key. Newer models have a key fob that must be programmed to the car. Our team can help you with either type.

We offer mobile services and can have a new key made for you in about 30 minutes. You will be on your way in no time.

Top Quality Locksmith Service You Deserve

Our expert locksmiths are licensed and insured to protect you. We are committed to providing our customers with the top quality service they deserve. All of our locksmiths are trained in the latest locksmith technologies and have the latest equipment as well.

We Replace Your Nissan Car Key

Replacing your car keys can either be a complex or simple process. It will depend on the type of key you have and the equipment the locksmith owns. For example, mechanical keys are cut like a door key. It’s a fairly straightforward process that won’t take long at all.

On the other hand, a key fob version will take more expertise. These type of Nissan car keys have a remote that must be programmed to your car. Some key fobs even start the engine remotely. All of these aspects require a trained professional to make and program. As you can see, there’s a lot more to the functionality of these electronic car key options which calls for advanced locksmith expertise.

Nissan Car Key – Replacement Costs

The cost of replacing your car keys will depend on the make and model of the vehicle. When you get in touch with us, we will give you a price quote on the work. We offer fair pricing on all of our services. You can expect us to work hard for you and provide you with high quality work.

One thing is for sure – If you take your car to the dealership, you can count on the costs to be higher than having a locksmith do it. Not only that, we come to you. We are an affordable and convenient option for your key replacement. These are a few reasons you should work with a licensed locksmith instead of a dealership.

Car Locksmith Services You Can Trust

Key4u is a reliable and professional locksmith company that you can trust. If you read through what our clients have to say, you’ll find that we have earned only 5-star customer reviews which says a lot about how we do business. 

Call Us Today For Help

We are available 7 days a week for emergency locksmith services. We can get you back into your Nissan right away. We try to get there about 30 minutes after you call. Our team will be upfront with an estimate of our arrival time when you call.


Happy Clients

My truck keys almost snaped in half I called the dealer they wanted $320 just for key with no fob. I called key world and they quoted $65 for a new stock looking and feeling key. He even went the extra mile to lube my door locks it doesn’t happen again. I would definitely go back if I need anything else.

Working with key4u San Diego  was a dream. He was prompt, skilled, honest, and such a great value. We lost our car keys which has been a frustrating nightmare, yet he was able to re-key our car quickly for a fraction of what the dealer would have charged. For sure would recommend.

Excellent service, punctual, friendly, professional, very fast, accommodating, great prices, I definitely recommend them to family and friends!!!!!! Thank you!